Ascension of the Emperor

Venturing forth to Adventure

Lets get going

The adventure started in Turra Keep where the Lord Mayor gave a grand speech to the hopeful adventurers some (Mergera, Bruingar Goblinbane, Khonsu, Helena, Sohja Falden, Tharden Stoneheart) decided to get a early start and left before the speech was over. The dwarven barbarian Bruingar Goblinbane trail-blazed the way leading the party into Turra Pass. In the pass they came across the ruined Inn of the Clear Waters where Sohja Falden discovered the entrance to the ancient cellar. Inside the cellar the party discovered it’s first treasures 3 large jugs of dwarven ale and a money filled chest. Due to the time involved in the excavation of the cellars the party made camp in the ruins. During the night the party was disturbed by the noise of a pack of goblin dogs attacking something. While seeking to lead Khonsu‘s mule into the cellar the mule vocalized it’s displeasure with the concept alerting the goblin mounted goblin dogs, which lead to the parties first trial by combat. The parties nontraditional combat tactics of the party included dwarven pole dancing, removing ones armor, and being tripped by the ground lead to a easy victory for the party with only minimal wounds.

Great first session look forward to seeing everyone in two weeks. (if anyone wants to add anything let me know.)



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