Arch-Duchy of Al'Dorlia


Saved from the cataclysm that destroyed the ancient world the Arch-Duchy of Al’Dorlia stands as beacon of civilization and a reminder of a lost Golden Age. Al’Dorlia is located in the south eastern part of the continent of Hakash. It is the surviving civilized remains of the Empire of Hakash. Protected by the daunting Blue Peaks mountains it survived the destruction at the end of the War of the Four Empires.

Sheltered by the Blue Peaks and fed by the ThuDarun (Dwarf Home) river Al’Dorlia boasts a temperate climate and a bounty of resources that has caused the tribes of the Broken Lands to call it the Green Lands. Ruled by the Archduke Ferno Bassek IV and his council of advisers from the city of Dor Bassek the duchy is home to many races including humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings. Both the elves of the Wild Wood and the dwarf clans of the Blue Peaks acknowledge the rule of the Archduke but maintain a certain amount of autonomous rule under their respective leaders: Prince Andermar Ressildain of the elves and High Chief Dakus Krieg of the dwarves. While the other races have formed small communities linked closely with the humans and their ruler the Archduke.

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Arch-Duchy of Al'Dorlia

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