Game Etiquette Rules

  1. Have fun
  2. If you feel that something that occurs in the game is wrong or unfair we can talk about it.
  3. If a player becomes too disruptive I reserve the right to ask them to leave the game. The first violation in most cases will be for that game session only, depending on the severity of the disruption. If it becomes a habit I reserve the right to remove the player from the campaign permanently.
  4. I consider inappropriate behavior to be disruptive. I will warn individuals when they are engaging in inappropriate behavior.
  5. Communication is the key to getting the most out of the game. Communicate with me if you want to do something or have goals for the character. This can be done out of game and is sometimes the best option.
  6. Be respectful of the other players. They have differing skill levels, comfort zones, and beliefs be mindful and respect the differences.
  7. Did I mention, HAVE FUN.

Character Creation Guidelines

  1. Dice rolling for character creation two sets of 6 numbers rolling 4d6 discarding the lowest dice in each roll of 4d6. Choose between the two sets and assign the rolls however you want.

    1)Example 4d6 – 1,3,4,4 discard the 1 Roll 1,3,4,4 = 11
    2) Example 2 sets 9,10,11,13,13,17 & 10,10,12,14,15,17
    3) Example fighter S:17 D:14 C:15 I:10 W:10 Ch:12

  2. Only the races from the core book are available.
  3. Classes from the core book and the Advanced Players Guide are available for player characters.

House Rules

  1. In melee combat a roll of natural 1 provokes a attack of opportunity.
  2. In ranged combat a roll of natural 1 will cause the projectile to strike a randomly determined adjacent area to the target requiring a second roll to hit whatever is in that area.
  3. As the GM I reserve the right to ignore any rule or die roll that I feel would cause the violation of Game Etiquette Rule 1.
  4. The GM has final say on disputes in the game over rules.
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