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I am going to use this page for as a navigation tool for the campaign. Just follow the links to the various pages. (Please note that all or these links do not have information attached this will be corrected as I input the information onto the web pages.)

Player and Character Creation Guidelines

Current Chapter / Adventure Link:
Chapter 1

Notable Locations Links:
Arch-Duchy of Al’Dorlia
Blue Peaks
Broken Lands
Dor Bassek
Eastern Sea
Green Lands
Turra Keep
Turra Pass
Wild Wood

Notable Individuals Links:
Archduke Ferno Bassek IV
Colonel Nexum Hoarfrost
Mayor Elred Tace

Notable Groups Links:
Dwarf Clans
Elves of the Wild Woods
Order of the White Star
Order of the Griffon

Historical Information Links:
Empire of Hakash
War of the Four Empires

Main Page

Ascension of the Emperor Blackwalker