Chapter 1

Chapter 1 ~ A Call for Adventure

Across the Arch-Duchy a call goes forth offering great rewards for adventurers willing to brave the wilds in search of a lost caravan.

Hear all those of brave and noble heart I the Lord Mayor of Turra Keep Elred Trace am seeking adventurous souls to brave the wilds of Turra Pass and perhaps beyond even into the wastes of the Broken Lands. To aide in the rescue of peace loving emissaries sent forth from our land to the peoples of the shattered wastes beyond the Blue Peaks. Accolades and a monetary reward of twenty-five score golden crowns shall be given to those brave enough to gain proof of the expedition’s fate.

Lord Mayor Elred Trace

Mayor Elred Tace has put forth a request for brave heroes to investigate the disappearance of a caravan that left Turra Keep headed for the Broken Lands. The caravan had several important individuals traveling with it seeking to establish trade with the tribes of the Broken Lands. The Mayor is offering a sum of 500 Gold Crowns for anyone who can bring proof of the caravans fate.

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Chapter 1

Ascension of the Emperor Blackwalker